Sunday, January 08, 2006


Cincinnati's Sistern have been kicking around in obscurity for nearly 10 years. Why they've never been able to go further is beyond me. Since I first saw them at Sudsy Malone's and heard their Make a Move b/w 5 Foot 9 seven inch (released on Cincy indie label MonoCat 7) in the early 90's, they've been one of those bands that have always been in the back of my head to keep an eye out for, but hardly anything has come. They've released numerous singles and individual songs on compllations and only one self-released full length, Glaisemalaise, in 2002. They've got a new MySpace page that has a 2005 demo, so hopefully something new is on the horizon.

Here's a blurb from Cincinnati City Beat from 2002:

"Glazemalaise is a lysergic guitar album, loaded with lush textures and augmented by fluttering guest vocals (courtesy of Fairmount Girl Dana Hamblen), the occasional keyboard and sturdy, anchoring rhythmic support. Girton's distant vocals waft over the layering with whispering melodies and, guitar-wise, he experiments with unique sounds, creating potent, swirling soundscapes. But all the six-string glaze wouldn't mean much if the songs weren't there. Thankfully, Girton has a way with melody, as songs like "Americanvience" and "Prescence Sound" exhibit. Like My Bloody Valentine, The Dandy Warhols or the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sistern successfully bridges the gap between addictive melodicism and an expansive, smoky-cool framework."

Sistern - No Rules Again
Sistern - pps
Sistern - shocked

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