Saturday, January 07, 2006

Frigital Records

I was mildly suprised the other day when I opened my e-mail box and found a couple of songs from the Hypermodernity Club and Crix Crax Crux, with a little note that they will have new releases in February on Frigital Records.

The first song from the Hypermodernity Club's Praxis vs. Poiesis, Our Friend in Baghdad, is an ode to, well, their friend and bandmate who is currently serving in Iraq. It's a percusion-less, softly strummed acoustic track that reminds me of Macha, with a droning mandolin (or other similarly stringed instrument) in the background. There are a few other tracks on their MySpace page that are well worth checking out if you like Love & Rockets or The Jesus & Mary Chain.

crix crax crux's Radio On and Moth will be on the upcoming album, Mountainears. Radio On reminds me of Flame-era Sebadoh and Spoon. The chorus has even got handclaps. You can't go wrong with handclaps.

These and other records are available from Frigital for six bucks. You can't beat that, either.

the Hypermodernity Club - Our Friend in Baghdad

Crix Crax Crux - Radio On
Crix Crax Crux - Moth

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