Friday, July 22, 2005

Dinosaur recap

Holy crap. Lou walked on and said "We're gonna have fun tonight". Didn't I say that yesterday? We were both right. They played all old Lou-era Dinosaur Jr. stuff, including Freak Scene and Just Like Heaven (how could they not?). Around the time they played these two a relatively polite mosh-pit broke out. It was great to see J., Lou and Murph back on stage together after all this time. J. absolutely shredded my ears from the opening chords of their set to the last. There wasn't much talk between songs, which was fine by me. They all looked like they were having a good time, especially Murph, who worked his ass of. I almost didn't go because of budgetary constraints, but at the last minute I scored free tickets from someone who had won them from So, thanks to Ikyoto and for the free ride.

Now if I can only find a way to get this fishbowl off my head.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

My vacation finally came to an end today upon returning to work. I had 10 days at home. I stayed up way too late most nights and got caught up on much needed rest during the day while everyone was gone. I got to spend quality time with the kids hanging out with them, watching them play and get their teeth cleaned at the dentist. I let them sleep in every day, took them to school and picked 'em up early. Most days they wanted to stay home but go to daycare too, so it worked out for all of us. The only downside is that it rained everday that I was off, so I didn't get to hang out with them at the pool like I'd wanted to. Oh well, maybe this weekend.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Bob Mould record is amazing. I've listened to it every day for the last week. I'm hoping I can make one of his shows, but it looks like Detroit is the closest.

Thanks to a fellow listener, I'll be seeing Dinosaur Jr tonight in Covington. I'm super excited about it, especially since they've been getting great reviews and the band seems to be having a good time. Last I checked Jason Loewenstein was opening. Tonight should be a fun night.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow's FRIDAY!

Friday, July 15, 2005

New #1

Put the Spoon down, the Bloc Party's over. I have my top album for the year. I'm on my 3rd listen and I can't stop. This is an incredible album. More to come...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Here's a picture that we took with Sonny in the studio two weeks ago. L-R: Jimi, Troy, Sonny, Dave Miller, Me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dennis, Doctors, Ringo and Bob Mould

I'm officially on vacation for the next 10 days. I was hoping for a week of sun and semi-relaxation, but thanks to Hurricane Dennis it doesn't look like that will be happening. Today was sort of sunny, mostly overcast and warm. The rest of the week looks to be rainy and 10-15 degrees cooler (I'm just to the right of the 'X', on the edge of the yellow area. Courtesy NOAA.). We definately need the rain, but I'd like some "me-time" by the pool, you know.

I went to the doctor today. A new doctor for me, as I'm sick (pun intended) of my old doctor's office. Everytime I go in there, I never see a doctor, it's always a different PA or MA, and it's just really frustrating to not get consistent opinions and help form an actual doctor. I'm seeing a new, actual doctor in a smaller practice to see if that will change. I'm on vacation and I've got the aches, a small cough, a runny nose with green drainage, sore throat and sneezes. Back to the Zyrtec-D and Z-Pack. Fun.

It appears that Ringo is not too pleased with Paul for giving him the cold shoulder at the Live 8 conerts. I think I'd be a little pissed, too. It was cool that Paul was singing with U2 as his backing band, but to have Larry Mullen playing drums next to Ringo in his Sgt. Peppers suit would have been incredible. Instead, Paul's notorious ego took over once again. And they failed to deliver with U2 wearing the Sgt. Peppers suits like they hyped up before the show. Wouldn't it have been great to have The Rutles play the Sgt. Pepper's part?

Finally, I'm patiently awaiting the new Bob Mould record Body of Song. It should arrive in the mail any day now, possibly tommorow. Here's a brief interview by Jack Rabid for Gallery of Sound. So far, the songs I've heard and all reviews I've read have been favorable. I'll give my opinion once I've heard it.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Picture time

One of my favorite things to do is take pictures of my kids. This one of Aaron speaks volumes about his personality. It was taken last weekend at our annual family camping trip. My brother took this picture.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Nightwaves Update v.2

The Nightwaves shows were excellent. Just like old times. I was a bit nervous at the start, but after the first break, it all came back. I wanted to mix up some old stuff, stuff that I played all the time on my regular shows as well as some new stuff that I've been digging lately. I think I accomplished that goal.

Although it was a reunion of sorts, I also didn't want it to be anything more than it was before. I had anticipated getting my old Saturday night partner Theron and another former Nightwaver, Erin Lindsay, on the air via phone, but that unfortunately didn't happen due to technical difficulties. The only thing that I had planned for sure was to play a few songs for Sonny Edrich, a former Nightwaver who sadly, passed away a few years ago. He was definately there in spirit. Thanks to his family, Sonny was able to physically participate as much as possible both nights by way of a life-sized cardboard cut-out of him that we had in the studio with us. As always, it was great to see him again. I just wish I could've had him on the air, too.

It was also great to see, hear and/or talk to Troy Turner, Dave Miller, Dave Bottoms, Steve Barton, Lori Creed, Brent Thole, Gary Horn, Jeff Kobberdahl, Michelle Sulka and Mike Boberg in the studio and on the air again. Thanks to the people that were able to listen locally and called in (even the guy that called and complained that the BBC was being pre-empted for "headbanging music". You don't know it, but "Seeing Red" was for you). Thanks to all of the Nightwavers that couldn't attend this weekend, but helped make Nightwaves a great program. My apologies to everyone outside of the area that wanted to listen on-line, stayed up to try and couldn't. The audio stream was aparently looped with an old-time radio broadcast for the weekend. Extra special thanks to Jimi Kirby for floating the idea for this weekend's shows to WVXU and his diligence in making it happen. Finally, thanks to WVXU for allowing me to be a part Nightwaves and for it to be an unforgettable part of my life.

Here's my playlist from Friday night:

Husker Du - Ice Cold Ice
Gang of Four - Ether
Flin Flon - Floods
Spoon - The Beast & Dragon, Adored
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
The Clash - London Calling
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Red Eyes and Tears
Acetone - Chills
Swervedriver - Last Train to Satansville
Luna - Buffalo Boots
Minor Threat - Seeing Red
Minutemen - Viet Nam
Lazy - Crush
Bloc Party - Price of Gas
Afghan Whigs - Debonair (for Sonny)
Ass Ponys - Under Cedars and Stars (for Sonny)
[station ID]
Soul Asylum - Cartoon
Sonic Youth - New Hampshire
Doug Gillard - Valpolicella
Guided by Voices - Little Lines
Lifeguards - Shorter Virgins
Pixies - Velouria
My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
Robyn Hitchcock - Alright, Yeah (Storefront Hitchcock version)

*me talking

Friday, July 01, 2005

T - Minus 11 hours

Tonight's the night. You can listen to the audio stream at WVXU or 91.7 FM in the Cincinnati area. I'll post a playlist sometime after the show. After that, I'm off camping for the rest of the long weekend.