Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Monsterland - Chewbacca
Supernova - Chewbacca
DVDA (Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Bruce Howell) - I Am Chewbacca


Blumfeld are from Germany. They have been recording since around 1990 and only had a little attention paid to them here in the States. In 1995 they managed to get a U.S. distibution deal through Big Cat Records and release L'etat et Moi. The band's lyrics are more political in nature, taking a huge dose of inspration from Kafka. Musically they fall somewhere in the neighborhood of the Wedding Present. They've got several records that, so far, are available import-only. Hopefully a recent deal with Sony/BMG will change that.

From L'etat et Moi:
Walkie, Talkie

Monday, February 27, 2006

Beastie Boys

After recording Ill Communication, the Beastie Boys returned to their hardcore punk roots and recorded the Aglio e Olio e.p. Backed by their touring drummer, AWOL (of Suicidal Tendencies), they cranked out 8 songs in 11 minutes. Here are three of them.

From Aglio e Olio:
Brand New
Believe Me
I Want Some

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Josh and Mischo McKay spent time backing Lynda Stipe (yes, Michael's sister) in her eclectic band Hetch Hetchy in the early 90's before Josh and his roommate Kai Riedl headed to Indonesia for a period of time. When the two returned to Athens, Georgia they brought back a wealth of indigenous instruments and field recordings. They hooked back up with Mischo and formed Macha, integrating Eastern influences with American indie rock. Their first two records, Macha and See It Another Way, are fairly similar in sound with each one having a more minimalist, less produced feel than their third and last album Forget Tomorrow. Forget Tomorrow takes the lo-fi Indie-nesian rock and incorporates more electroncs and danceable beats.

From Macha:
When They First Saw the Floating World
Double Life
Capital City
Light the Chinese Flower

From See It Another Way:
Until Your Temples Are Pounding
The Nipplegong
Submarine Lover

From Forget Tomorrow:
Forget Tomorow
Smash & Grab
It's Okay Paper Tiger

Monday, February 20, 2006

From the Inbox: 13Ghosts

Another suprise from the Inbox today comes from the band 13Ghosts. The press release describes the reissue of their 2004 album, Cicaida, as "Sonically, it’s all over the place, moving from cracked-up folk rock to twangy rockers to drunken sing-alongs to atmospheric exercises in minimalism". Judging by these songs and a bunch of others they have up at their website, I couldn't agree more.

Here are a couple songs from Cicaida. It'll be available in May from Skybucket.

13Ghosts - The Search Party
13Ghosts - Robert J.

The Lonesome Tumblers

The first time Bill Catfish and I crossed paths was at Miami University Middletown on a sunny, fall day in 1992. I was walking out the door to leave Johnson Hall as he was walking in. He was wearing a Ramones t-shirt, black leather jacket, Chucks and carrying an armload of LP's to play in the cafeteria radio station. I distinctly remember Barbara Manning's S.F. Sorrow was on top and facing forward. I have no idea why I remember that day, and I doubt if Billy remebers it either. Fifteen years later, our paths crossed again. This time it was last weekend at The Southgate House, where his band The Lonesome Tumblers played upstairs in Junie's Lounge before (well, during) the Bob Pollard show.

The Tumblers recorded an album, Race Music For the Long-Distance Runner, but it has yet to get a proper release. It's unfortunate, because it's a great record. Throw equal parts Hank Williams Sr., Verve, Wilco, Spacemen 3 and Jim Beam into a martini shaker and serve it with earplugs through a Vox Amp and you'll have the Lonesome Tumblers.

They're about to hit the studio again to record songs for the next album. In the meantime, listen to these choice cuts from Race Music. And if you, or anyone you know, are with a label or want to help get these records out, contact me at the e-mail address at bottom right or contact Billy through their MySpace page.

This Town's On Fire
Bootleg Novocaine
Fizzle Like the End of Time (turnin' off the sun)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Times New Viking

Times New Viking are from Colombus, Ohio. I read a little blurb about them in Magnet Magazine last month, and it piqued my curiosity. The areticle mentioned that their recent Siltbreeze Records record Dig Yourself was "lovingly fucked with by Mike Rep", the same Mike Rep [Hummel] who "lovingly fucked with" some of Guided by Voices earlier records. Having never heard them, I was quite surprised to learn that they were going to open for Bob Pollard at the Southgate House last weekend. I missed the first part of their set, but was fortunate enough to catch the last few songs. Of those few songs I heard live, I was quite impressed. The album is a bit rough, and definately leaves room for improvement, but they're definately on to something. After hearing the album and seeing them live (which I preferred over the album), I'm even more interested in hearing what they can do with a little more time and polishing.

They have a few songs on their MySpace page, which you can listen to below. They don't have a website of their own yet, other than the MySpace page. However, you can order the record and listen to :30 second samples from Midheaven. The pictures in this post are ones I took at the show. A bit out of focus, but there they are.

Skull Versus Wizard
Not High
Fuck Books
Natural Resources, I Love Mine

Thursday, February 16, 2006


I don't know much about Kent, but I do know they're from Sweden. They are one of those European bands that, in any other just universe, would be big in America. For whatever reason, they are not. They did make a minor splash on this side of the pond in late 1998 when RCA picked up their 1997 album, Isola, for U.S distribution. Their song "If You Were Here" did get some airplay, but the band has not had anywhere near the relative amount of success in the U.S. with any of their albums that they have in Sweden and Europe. Could it be because they sing in their native tongue? Given the recent popularity of Sigur Rós, there is no excuse for Kent not to be as equally revered.

From Isola (1998):
If You Were Here

From Vapen & Ammunition (2002):
VinterNoll2 (FF B-Side)

From Du & jag döden (2005):
Den döda vinkeln
Rosor & palmblad
Max 500

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Double post wackiness

I guess the Blogger monkeys were updating something when I posted the Acetone post earlier. Somehow it duplicated the post. I republished to get rid of one, and it wiped out the one with the comments. So, I'm posting the HaloScan comment link here if you want to read the comments that were posted before it was deleted. You can leave comments on the actual comment link on post itself. I just didn't want it to look like I deleted the post on purpose.

Rock on.


I'm sitting here trying to think of something to say about Acetone. Of course, I have their first album, Cindy, blasting in the headphones. It's kind of hard to concentrate on thinking of something creative to type. Have you ever tried to type and play air guitar/bass at the same time? It's not easy. While track 6, Intermission, is playing, I'll set the air guitar down and quickly paste this exerpt from their Vapor Records website:

"Los Angeles is the type of place where it’s easy to keep your head down, stay low to the ground, and do your best to avoid the throngs of humanity.
So much traffic. So much frustration. So much white noise. It's easy to get lost in your own orbit, and tune the world out. It's easy to be oblivious to the simplest beauty that hides around the corner. This might explain why the music of Acetone has remained a bit of a secret. But it also explains what was so great about them. If you've somehow stumbled upon these words, I urge you to take a step further and seek out the songs of Richie Lee, Mark Lightcap, and Steve Hadley.

Acetone seeped out of the cracks of a smoggy culture, creating soulful art that mirrored the underground beauty of Los Angeles. Listening to their music, you can feel the old uneven sidewalk of a quiet Atwater neighborhood under your feet. Richie Lee's delicate voice fills your ears like the whisper of a friend. Mark Lightcap's guitar makes you feel that sense of longing that only music can capture. Steve Hadley’s cymbals splash like lazy waves on a deserted beach. The music is elegant and honest. It is powerful because it is subtle. The measured swells of energy remind you what feels so good about rock music. It's great Art without being too arty."

They borrow faithfully from Pink Floyd, Isaac Hayes, The Velvet Underground the Flying Burrito Brothers and Kris Kristoferson. Imagine Syd Barret, Neil Young and Buddy Miles jamming in their prime. Aw Hell, just listen.

From Cindy:
Acetone - Sundown
Acetone - Chills
Acetone - Barefoot on Sunday

From If You Only Knew:
Acetone - 99

From York Blvd:
Acetone - Wonderful World
Acetone - Like I Told You

Saturday, February 04, 2006


I was going to do a Slint post, but noticed a few other bloggers around lateley that pretty much had them covered. So, I give you Slint protege's Rodan.

When I first heard their one and only full length album Rusty, in 1994, it hit me like a brick in the face. The first song, Bible Silver Corner, is a mellow yet tense instrumental reminiscent of Slint. It gives way to the abrasive blast of Shiner that wollops you upside the head. It's lyrics are barked, screamed and spoken by three of the four members of the band before it fades out into an almost inaudible wash of ambience that allows your ears to regroup for the marathon that is The Everyday World of Bodies. Bassist Tara Jane O'Neil takes over much of the vocals for Jungle Jim, while dueting and alternating with Kevin Coultas and Jason Noble for the majority of the album. Rusty, for me anyway, is to math rock what Loveless is to shoegaze. It's that good.

Hear for yourself:

Rodan - Bible Silver Corner
Rodan - Gauge
Rodan - Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Brave Captain

Brave Captain (aka Martin Carr of the Boo Radleys) has just released an album on-line. It's free to download at the Brave Captain website. All you have to do is register your e-mail address to acces it. I'm listening to it now and like what I hear, so far. If you haven't kept up with him since the Boo's split, he's dabbled in electronica and big beats - much like their last record Kingsize. Although that record was a bit of a letdown, he seems to have improved on that sound considerably.

Here is some of his past work as Brave Captain. Definately check out this new album.
Brave Captain - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
Brave Captain - Big Black Pigpile
Brave Captain - Me and You Glue
Brave Captain - Captain America
Brave Captain - Another Day in December

More older downloads are available at the Brave Captain website.

Husker Du

Here's my response:

Husker Du - Blah, Blah, Blah

Husker Du - In a Free Land
Husker Du - M.I.C.