Thursday, February 16, 2006


I don't know much about Kent, but I do know they're from Sweden. They are one of those European bands that, in any other just universe, would be big in America. For whatever reason, they are not. They did make a minor splash on this side of the pond in late 1998 when RCA picked up their 1997 album, Isola, for U.S distribution. Their song "If You Were Here" did get some airplay, but the band has not had anywhere near the relative amount of success in the U.S. with any of their albums that they have in Sweden and Europe. Could it be because they sing in their native tongue? Given the recent popularity of Sigur Rós, there is no excuse for Kent not to be as equally revered.

From Isola (1998):
If You Were Here

From Vapen & Ammunition (2002):
VinterNoll2 (FF B-Side)

From Du & jag döden (2005):
Den döda vinkeln
Rosor & palmblad
Max 500

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