Sunday, February 26, 2006


Josh and Mischo McKay spent time backing Lynda Stipe (yes, Michael's sister) in her eclectic band Hetch Hetchy in the early 90's before Josh and his roommate Kai Riedl headed to Indonesia for a period of time. When the two returned to Athens, Georgia they brought back a wealth of indigenous instruments and field recordings. They hooked back up with Mischo and formed Macha, integrating Eastern influences with American indie rock. Their first two records, Macha and See It Another Way, are fairly similar in sound with each one having a more minimalist, less produced feel than their third and last album Forget Tomorrow. Forget Tomorrow takes the lo-fi Indie-nesian rock and incorporates more electroncs and danceable beats.

From Macha:
When They First Saw the Floating World
Double Life
Capital City
Light the Chinese Flower

From See It Another Way:
Until Your Temples Are Pounding
The Nipplegong
Submarine Lover

From Forget Tomorrow:
Forget Tomorow
Smash & Grab
It's Okay Paper Tiger

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