Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shawen Acres

Two more songs from the forthcoming debut from Shawen Acres, Life As A Long Night, have been posted at their website. (photo courtesy of Phil Lacefield)

"Listen to this record or go ahead, stay in the dark. You will not meet its kind soon in the record stores of America. Tightly wound guitars shift abruptly through sharp-angled chords, pinned in place by a frenetic but never sloppy rhythm section. Cognates include everything you, personally, hold dear, and lots more, too. Some of the words rhyme! Melody simmers melodically underneath the melodic chunks of tuneful tuneage. No idea what Nate is singing about, but it sure sounds pretty or angry or dolorous or melancholy or, yes, religious. The soundtrack to a thousand bleak winter nights, redeemed by shards of occasional light and love. Aurora Borealis? You bet! As an added bonus, on the song “Run From The Day”: monkey noises. Written By: James Greer Author: Guided By Voices: A Brief History (Grove Press, 2005) and Artificial Light: A Novel (Akashic Books, 2006) Los Angeles, CA October 2005"

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