Monday, January 30, 2006


(This post is for you, Billy)

Along with the aforementioned Sistern, Wolverton Brothers and Afghan Whigs, Lazy were one of the pillars of the early 90's Cincinnati scene. While Sistern gave us the shoegaze, The Wolvertons freaked out, and the Whigs tried to steal your girlfriends, Lazy cranked up the fuzz and jangle. They mixed equal parts of the Wedding Present, Cramps and Heavenly and created simple yet catchy songs. They signed a 5 album deal with Roadrunner Records, but were dropped after their second album failed to get the push it deserved. Although both albums were great in their own right, the band's pinnacle was by far the Revolutions Per Minute vinyl-only 10" released between them. I wish I had a way to convert vinyl to digital here, because I'd post the whole thing - including their spot-on version of Cupid Car Club's Grape Juice Plus. (If anyone has it digitized, please contact me!). But since I don't, here are few songs from both albums and a couple of compilation tracks released right before they split.

From Some Assembly Required:
St. Christopher
Radio Heart

From The Lazy Music Group:
Favorite Song
Get It Right
Cherry Smash

From Cincinnati Music Vol. III (Deary Me Records):
Jet Black

From Rejected Art...A Compilation of Unity:
What U Want

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