Monday, June 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Today is Aaron's 3rd birthday. We got him a Radio Flyer tri-cycle and he loves it.

We spent the day at King's Island (annual day sponsored by my employer). We arrived there at 10am and left a little around 8pm. It was Aaron's first time there and Emma's first trip where she was big enough to ride the rides. So, we spent most of the day in Kiddie Land and at Waterworks. They had so much energy and fun in the park riding rides for the first time (do you remember your first ride on a rollercoaster or the first time you got to "drive" a car on the track all by your self?), getting pictures taken with Scooby-Doo, Spongebob and Patrick, Dora and Diego. After having lunch with co-workers, Mom took the kids for an hour or so, so Shannon and I could ride at least one ride by ourselves (Tomb Raider). The weather didn't cooperate completely early on, but around 4:00 the sun came out. Afer Tomb Raider we decided to get the kids and head to Waterworks. We splashed in the kids "grotto" pool first, then the wavepool. Aaron loved the wave pool. After that Emma rode a small water slide for kids on her own for the first time. We didn't think she would, but after the first time - she had to ride it 3 more. She then got the nerve to ride the bigger kids slide and rode it twice. A trip around the lazy river about 6:30 calmed them down. We got into dry clothes to ride the train before leaving, and their eyelids just would not stay open. Emma conked first and Aaron followed soon after. We got home at 9:00 and, at 11:30 in the middle of a thunderstorm, they are still sound asleep.

It was great day and another full of kid-firsts. I love experiencing every one of them, and we try to make it just as memorable for them. That is much more important.

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jenergy said...

Happy Birthday Aaron - oh my gosh, can it actually be your 3rd birthday when the last I saw you was as a 2-year old running around my house in a Ramone's t-shirt? Man, I can hardly believe it.

I can't believe Emma is big enough to ride the "real" rides at King's Island either. Are we all in a time warp?

Yes, I remember the first time I drove a car by myself at an amusement park and I was elated, as well as terrified! I managed to scrape against the metal barriers and jar us around quite a bit.

Give big hugs to the kids and to the lovely Shannon. I miss you guys - glad you had a great day with the family.