Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm moving

For the next week to 10 days or so I will be moving into a new house and starting a new job. Naturally, my computer will be disassembled during that time. While finalizing the deal on the house and packing up my music, I've also been working on setting up a new website and moving everything from Blogger to the new domain. Unless something comes up that requires posting, this will be the next to last post here. The next, and last post here will be from the new digs. In the meantime, I've dug up a few home/house/moving - related songs.


Bob Mould - Moving Trucks
The Cure - In Your House
P.J. Harvey - A Place Called Home
Guided by Voices - Peephole (live)
The Breeders - Lime House
Dinosaur Jr - Goin' Home
Built to Spill - Sidewalk
Grant Hart - In a Cold House
The Jesus Lizard - Mistletoe
Fugazi - Furniture
Luna - Going Home
Love - A House is Not a Home
Mogwai - Stop Coming to My House
On - Feel at Home
Sebadoh - Tree
Minutemen - Storm in My House
Eric's Trip - Behind the Garage

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