Thursday, December 15, 2005

Robert Pollard

It's been nearly a full year since Robert Pollard disbanded Guided by Voices. Although he's been very busy in 2005 releasing several e.p.'s and albums under various other band names, he didn't release a proper album of all new material. Well, not officially anyway. Immediately following the recording of the final GbV album, he recorded From A Compound Eye. In the spring of 2005, he sent the album out to a few close fans. Word got around and fans started to salivate. Unbelievably, Pollard agreed to allow it to be distributed to a larger group of fans. As leaked albums go, it quickly spread and nearly every GbV/Pollard fan now has a burned copy. He shopped the album and it was eventually picked up by Merge Records, who signed him to a two album deal. In an interview earlier in the year, he joked that he's already completed his contractual agreement with Merge and his first album hasn't even been released. January 24, 2006 will see the official release of From A Compound Eye.

Two days after it's release, Pollard will make his first post-GbV stage appearance on a tour stretching through April. It won't be nearly as packed with dates as the old GbV tours, but he'll be backed by a stellar group of musicians: Tommy Keane (longtime Matador Records artist), Dave Phillips, Jason Narducy (fresh off of a tour supporting Bob Mould, also former member of Verbow), and Superchunk's Jon Wurster (who has also backed Pollard on GbV tours and in the studio). Check the dates and clear your calendar.

Robert Pollard - The Numbered Head

Robert Pollard - I'm a Window

Robert Pollard - Kick Me and Cancel

(photo: Terri Nelles)

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