Sunday, September 18, 2005

Proton Proton

I found Proton Proton via Moroccan Role. "They are able to conjure up quite an enjoyable racket as a trio and the rhythm section is surprisingly tight given [Aron] Sanchez is essentially on double-duty. Sanchez designed his ax by using a bass guitar strung with 2 bass strings and 3 guitar strings, with individual pickups for both the bass and guitar strings and separate outputs going to corresponding bass and guitar amps. He then tunes this beast to EeAac."

I'm always intrigued with odd instrumentation and the minimalist, less is more approach. A lot of bands try it, but only a few pull it off (read: Morphine). Proton Proton nail it. Sanchez holds down the guitar and bass ends which allows singer Pau Fuster to sing and "bang on things", like a toy piano. They've got a 6 song EP and some tracks from it available on their website.

Check out the song Chinese Dancer.

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matt said...

thanks for linking to Moroccan Role!